Costume for highland dance

Some hints on the costume. These suggestions have been collated from the highland-dance mailing list.

Hornpipe costume

The BATD hornpipe book says:
Jumper - to be of navy blue material (serge or twill) or white drill, shaped to the body and with set in sleeves. V neck front opening with double thickness collar attached. the bottom of the jumper should be in line with the fork and the sleeves to extend to the wrist-bone.

Trousers - to be made of the same material and to be the same colour as the jumper. Bell-bottomed style, the circumference of the trouser-bottoms to be two to three inches wider than the cicumference of the knee. trouser bottoms to be plain.

Vest - to be white drill with square neck and bound with navy binding.

Cap - regulation white or navy blue with circular crown.

Collar - navy or blue denim with white stripes. Should be worn with either navy or white suit.

Some suggestions by list members:
Extracted from postings to highland-dance, the highland and scottish step dance mailing list. See
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